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This website describes the services provided internationally by GRALEN ADVISORS, SL and a network of associated entities or practices (which may or may not have legal or legal personality) that offer professional, commercial and residential real estate services. These international companies, together with GRALEN ADVISORS, SL, operate under the name of GRALEN ADVISORS, SL.

Although GRALEN ADVISORS, SL dedicates all possible efforts to ensure that everything on the website is accurate and complete, it is only informative, so it is more indicative than definitive data. We therefore make no express or implied warranty as to the accuracy of the data, and, to the extent permitted by applicable laws, we accept no liability for any errors, inaccuracies or omissions, or for any loss which may be a direct or indirect consequence. indirect of trusting the contents. Users of the website should not take any action or fail to take any action solely based on the information on the portal. GRALEN ADVISORS, SL may correct or update the website without prior notice.

By making the website available, GRALEN ADVISORS, SL does not imply or establish any professional, financial, advisory or client relationship. Through the Portal, neither GRALEN ADVISORS, SL nor any other person provides professional, advisory, consultancy or other types of services.


GRALEN ADVISORS, SL cannot guarantee that the website will not suffer interruptions or delays, nor the absence of errors or viruses. The portal is offered as is, without guarantees of any kind.

GRALEN ADVISORS, SL will not be responsible and will not accept any liability for possible viruses that may infect the computer session through the use or downloading of applications (.exe applications included) from this website.

Important information regarding the properties marketed by GRALEN ADVISORS, SL

  1. Data: The data of each property is not part of an offer or a contract. Statements made by GRALEN ADVISORS, SL, verbally or in writing ("information"), regarding the property, the state in which it is located or its value, should not be considered exact or factual. Neither GRALEN ADVISORS, SL nor any other associated agent has any authority to make statements about the property, and therefore all information is free of responsibility on the part of the agents, seller(s) and lessor(s). Before signing any document related to the property, we recommend that all clients consult an independent lawyer and, if necessary, do an investigation to verify its condition and dimensions.

  2. Photographs: The photographs only show certain parts of the property as they were at the time they were taken. As the areas, dimensions and distances provided are only approximate, they should be verified by the customer. Computer generated images are only an indication of the possible appearance of the property, which may change at any time.

  3. Permits: Any reference to alterations or uses of any part of the property does not imply that the necessary permits (development, planning or other types of consents) have already been obtained. The buyer or lessee must ensure, through inspection or other methods, that these procedures have been carried out properly and that all information is correct.

  4. VAT: The VAT position relating to the property may change without notice.

  5. The information on the website regarding a property is subject to change at any time.

Copyright statement

This website is owned and controlled by GRALEN ADVISORS, SL. Except in cases where otherwise stated, all information that appears on the GRALEN ADVISORS, SL website (whether text or images) is protected by copyright and registered trademarks, and is the property of or under the control of license from GRALEN ADVISORS, SL. Downloading, displaying or printing any part of the content is prohibited except through your own computer and for the purpose of personal, non-business use. Do not reproduce or make replicas of any content on our website.


The links on the website may be directed to servers of individuals or organizations other than GRALEN ADVISORS, SL. GRALEN ADVISORS, SL does not give any guarantee regarding the accuracy, timeliness, adequacy or any other aspect of the information located on these servers, nor does it control or promote them.

If you add a link to your website, we may request that you remove it at any time.

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