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Relocation service


Gralen also offers relocation services specially designed for expatriates, business travelers, displaced workers, companies that send employees abroad and anyone who needs to move from another country to Spain, and wants to have a specialist in the entire series of procedures that involve a transfer of this type.

Our relocation services can include:

- Home search: Our team of real estate experts will look for the perfect home for each case, taking into account the preferences and needs in each case.

- Legal assistance: We help our clients with all the legal aspects of the move, including registration, obtaining a health card, processing NIE and TIE, review of rental contracts, visas and Golden Visa.

- Professional services: We assist you in opening a bank account in Spain, paying taxes as a resident and non-resident, and we find work spaces for you, whether permanent or mobile.

- Integration in the city: We help you adapt to your new environment, providing you with information about life in your new place and helping you integrate into the local community, with recommendations and guidance according to your tastes. We also include in our options the search for a school or nursery school for the children.

- Investor Advice: We offer help with the Golden visa, mortgages, money transfers and currency exchange advice.

In addition, we offer extra services such as:
- obtaining or homologating driving licenses, private health insurance and other requests;
- Consult our recommendations service via chat if you need advice or recommendations at any time.
- airport pickup and driver services, cleaning services, catering, documentation, social activities, among others.

At Gralen, we are committed to making your move to Spain as easy and stress-free as possible. We hope to have the opportunity to help you on your next adventure in Spain!

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